Small cardboard box

45 × 45 × 23 cms

Transparent bubble wrap

150 cms width
(metre) 2.50AED

Medium cardboard box

45 × 45 × 45 cms

2-ply corrugated brown cardboard

135 cms width
(metre) 2AED

Large cardboard box

45 × 45 × 70 cms

White 80 gsm packaging paper

80 × 100 cms

Polystyrene packaging chips

(Kg) 20AED

T15002 Tape Dispenser


Great Neck Packing Knife


Jetech Nylon Work Belt


Great Neck Measuring Tape


Masking Tape

(Roll) 5AED

Solex Solid Brass Padlock


BOPP Brown Packaging Tape

(Roll) 5AED

Grip Drive Cotton Gloves


Packaging Supplies

At Sentinel we like to think of everything. We can provide everything you need to safely pack, move and store your belongings.

Your belongings are valuable, so using good quality packing materials and boxes means you won’t have to worry about your belongings, once they are safe and secure in our storage facility.

At Sentinel, we advise all our clients to ensure their belongings are well-packed and protected. Don’t skimp on the packaging, using good quality brown paper, strong 5-ply boxes, packaging bubble wrap and polystyrene chips to secure your items in their boxes, will help you to avoid a costly scratched table, a broken floor lamp or a cracked flat-screen TV.

Whether storing for the short or long-term, you will be pleased you took the time to package your goods carefully, particularly, when it comes to unpacking them again.

And, don’t forget to label everything. When you come to retrieve either some or all of your belongings, accurate labeling will ensure that you will be able to locate just what you are looking for, without opening and re-sealing lots of boxes. With clear, concise labels on all your shipping boxes you will be saving yourself hours of work and ensuring that the correct boxes get delivered to the correct destination.

Once securely packed your storage boxes are stored in our ‘open’ style air-conditioned units. Each ‘open’ unit is fully climate controlled – which is vital to protect high value electronic items, or belongings that are sentimental in nature.

Our state-of-the-art storage facility is equipped with CCTV surveillance, access control and monitoring, fire detection and alarm systems to ensure that your items are in a safe and secure storage environment.

Come to Sentinel, we have everything you need

Are you leaving Dubai? Relocating or moving house? Moving into temporary accommodation, whilst your house is being re-decorated or refurbished? Perhaps you are moving to a new office, or starting a new business?

Whatever the scenario, you may want to pack, or oversee the packing of your own boxes. Sentinel provides a one-stop storage solution and can provide all the packing materials and shipping boxes, packaging bubble wrap and tape for your move. Our friendly and helpful staff can even make sure that all the moving supplies you need are placed into your storage facility, ready for you to drive in and collect – what could be easier?