How to pack furniture for moving

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How to pack furniture for moving

Whether you have professional movers or you are loading and driving a truck yourself, getting your furniture ready for moving day can be stressful.
You simply need to be prepared and organized. Pack furniture for moving by gathering helpful packing materials, disassembling everything you can and securely wrapping and boxing up all of the pieces and hardware that go with every item.
Here are the steps to make moving much easier:

1- Create a list of what you will be packing and moving. 

2- Create a packing material list.

3- Clean your furniture.

4- Clear out anything inside the furniture you are moving.

5- Disassemble anything that can be taken apart.

6- Place any hardware in clear plastic bags that seal.

7- Wrap the disassembled furniture pieces and pack them in boxes.

8- Cover glass table tops with heavy packing paper.

9- Wrap mattresses, sofas and chairs in special plastic covers.

10- Line the floor of the moving truck with furniture blankets to protect the bottoms of your sofas, mattresses and any other pieces that will not be in boxes.

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