5 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Home for Eid Al Adha 2018

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5 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Home for Eid Al Adha 2018

The Eid holidays are almost upon us once again!

And if you’re welcoming family and friends into your home, we’ve got creative home décor ideas that you can do without breaking a sweat.

1) Showcase handcrafted décor and details – Whether you’re into DIY or not, adding small details that you’ve made with your very own hands adds something extra special to your home décor.

Hand-painted pillows and frames, folded paper flowers, or hanging wall and ceiling lanterns are just a few that you can try!

2) Say your greetings in an artistic way – Greet your guests with a creative “Eid Mubarak.” Cut out letters and hang them up. Design and make your own greeting cards. Spell Eid Mubarak with fairy LED lights.

There are limitless ways to say Eid Mubarak artistically – all you have to do is let your creative juices flow!

3) Add traditional decorative items – Eid holiday celebrations are also an appreciation of Islamic culture. Sprinkle some star and moon accents to your living room and dining room, or foyer and hallway, for a cultural and festive atmosphere.

Traditional carpets, colourful and patterned plates, and silk handstitched pillows are other beautiful interior elements you can add to your home.

4) Play with lights to set the mood – The lighting in your home can help enhance the mood and ambiance of your place. Brighten up conversations in the room by adding Moroccan lamps in your living area. For a contemporary touch, some creative string lights or light balls can do the trick.

5) Make your dinner table the highlight of the event – Take special care with your dining table arrangement. Whatever you’re serving to your guests, they will enjoy it even better with a well-thought table arrangement. From adding vibrant silk table runners, to traditional tea pots and table lamps, you can transform a simple Eid dinner to an unforgettable affair.

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