3 Ways to Make Your Eid Al Ahda Clean-up Quick, Simple & Easy

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3 Ways to Make Your Eid Al Ahda Clean-up Quick, Simple & Easy

The season of Eid Al Ahda has come and gone. We wish you had a blessed and happy Eid with your family and friends.

The Eid holidays are usually a time of gathering of family, friends and loved ones. With the long holidays, it is perfect for inviting your family, relatives and friends to come into your home and share your blessings with them.

We have previously shared some easy tips on how to decorate your home for Eid Al Ahda 2018.

Now, we’re sharing with you some tips on how you can quickly clean up post-Eid!

1) Identify what needs to be done and make your clean-up plan based on that.

Having a plan allows you to do your clean-up faster and more efficiently. Avoid just taking on tasks that you see first because this might end up being counterproductive for you.

Also, having a step-by-step plan allows you to measure how much time you will need so you can plan your other tasks and know your schedule for the day or week.

2) Get your family to help to make it faster and easier.

Holidays usually mean people get time off work (and students off school). So better put all that free time into something productive. Try and get your spouse and children to help you with cleaning up and organizing your home.

You can give your little ones small tasks that are simple and easy to complete, so that they can help you in their own little way. Although these are small chores, they can actually help you get the bigger things done quickly.

Working all together can also be a great bonding activity for you and your family. And it instils a sense of unity and responsibility in your young ones.

3) Organize and store the décor you used so you can bring them out again next time.

Remember when you were having so much fun doing your own décor? You were so pleased with the result that you just wanted to keep all your DIY crafts! Well, you actually can!

Do not throw them away just yet. You can still use or repurpose them for other events and special occasions. If your home is lacking in extra storage space, you can always store with us. We have a variety of storage spaces in different sizes to suit different personal and family needs.

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