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4 Decluttering Gurus That You Should Follow

2019 is definitely a year of organizing and decluttering. A lot of people nowadays are looking forward to freeing their space from additional and unnecessary items that are taking up their home space.

But decluttering is not an easy task. There are some challenges that you might encounter along the way. The good news is, there are gurus and specialists who can help you in this process. If you are dead serious about doing some decluttering this year, you may need to check out these decluttering specialists:

1. Marie Kondo

She is definitely the hottest star in the world of professional organizing. Marie Kondo is a professional organizer who developed the KonMari method. As a decluttering specialist, her aim is to bring sparks of joy by helping people organise their belongings and live a more fulfilled life. What’s interesting about her method is that she help owners to part ways with their unnecessary possessions easier by thanking them for their service. Streaming giant Netflix features eight episodes that show how she do her decluttering magic. You may know more about her method by purchasing her book entitled, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.

2. Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh is famed clutter organizer and host of the famous show The Hoarders in the Oprah Winfrey Network. Gearing up for season 2, Walsh is helping individuals who are dealing with the hoarding affliction and help them tidy up their space by organizing their possessions and letting go of things that they don’t need.

3. Alejandra Costello

Alejandra Costello started her decluttering journey when she experienced an all-time low due to disorganization and clutter. Once she decided to be committed to the tasks, she and her husband, Ed, started to declutter and organise their life and possessions. Once their master the art of decluttering, they turn it into a passion project and life and share their knowledge to people who are getting overwhelmed by clutter. You can view her tutorial in her YouTube channel or enroll in her program to organise your belongings and life.

4. Kay Patterson

Kay Patterson is a Boston-based clutter organizer who provides practical tip and tutorials to viewers. What makes Patterson inspiring is that she is able to relate to people, especially when it comes to mess. Her realistic approach includes providing reviews about decluttering products and services and recommending practical methods to use for daily decluttering. You can watch her tutorials at her YouTube channel The Organized Soprano.

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4 Things You Can’t Ignore When Engaging Moving Services

Moving services truly come in handy when you get stressed and overwhelmed with the need to relocate your prized possessions. There are relocation companies that specialize in moving residential properties, while there are those too that focus on commercial moves. No matter your need, there are certain factors that you need to pay due attention to when engaging moving services. These include:

1. Referrals and customer reviews

The customer reviews hold utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right moving company. Going through the customer reviews will help you determine the level of services delivered by them. Apart from that, you can also acquire referrals from your friends and family members of the moving companies that they have used and were satisfied with. Referrals from friends and family members can easily be trusted, and would provide you a good foundation to base your search on.

2. Range of services

The role played by moving companies in moving goods from one location to another is simply outstanding. Relocations can prove to be very stressful and hectic, which is why it is best for you to trust professionals with it. However, before choosing a company, it is necessary for you to consider their range of services. While there are service providers that help with long distance relocations, there are those too that provide assistance with local or domestic relocation, which is why you initially consider your requirements and then look for a company that can fulfill them.

3. Charges and experience

Another important factor that requires due consideration is the cost charged by the moving company. When discussing the costs involved, make sure that you acquire detailed information about the payment and what all will be included in it. Apart from that, you should also consider the number of years that the company has been around in business. The best services are typically provided by those that have been around for at least five years or so. A service provider with extensive experience in the field will be in the best position to make the move easier for you.

4. Licensure

It is also best for you to take on the services of a moving company that holds a valid license and permit. This goes on to show that the company is run legally, which would also provide you with a sense of relief in terms of handing over your possessions to them.

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5 Ways To Save Space For The Coming Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and it means that there will be a lot of shopping and gift-giving soon. It can also mean that there will be less space in your home and in your office to accommodate these presents.

But do not fret. If you are thinking how you can make an additional room for your holiday gifts and buys, here are some ways through which you can make it happen:

1. De-clutter your space

You might not notice it, but your home and office space are housing a number of items that you are not using and probably do not need. If you are serious about making additional space, it would be best to conduct a general cleaning and throw away belongings that are broken or you don’t need anymore. Once you are done with cleaning, you can instantly see your space roomier and more spacious.

2. Invest in personal storage

If you cannot afford to dispose a single item from your space due to sentimental values, one option to make more space is to get one. There are storage companies that are offering personal storage space for clients who need a temporary housing for their belongings. You can either store your old stuff in this space or put the new and incoming item on your personal storage space.

3. Schedule a garage sale

A lot of people today are looking for pre-loved items that they can buy to save some gifting money. If you have a lot of items that you feel will benefit others, schedule a garage sale and line up belongings that you want to sell. But it would be best if you can check these items first to see if they are viable for selling and also for you to put a fair price on each item.

4. Give it for free

The Holiday season is meant for sharing and you can start with your belongings. You can free your closet and make room for new clothes by giving away apparels that do not fit you anymore. You can also make a donation to selected charities that are accepting second-hand clothes and items.

5. Be smart with your space layout

At times, a simple as moving and turning your furniture can do the trick. Check your home and office layout and see what changes you can apply to make more room in the space. Proper placement of furnishings will not only give you more room, but it can also make your space more convenient for use.